Enterprise Software

What is Enterprise Software?

The committee tentatively agreed on a definition of Enterprise Software as other institutions have done: “Enterprise software are those products, applications, or systems that are provided and supported for shared and wide-spread campus use.”

Within this definition there are subcategories all UO software will fall into:

  • Adopted software– a single software title supporting the mission of the university by providing critical information services for all university constituents (e.g. check writing software, LMS, ERP). There will be only one approved license campus-wide for this
  • Campus site licensed software– software the entire campus can use (e.g. office productivity, statistical software). There may be more than one approved license for each genre of software. Efforts will be made to reduce and consolidate the number of approved license.
  • Special use software – Software used for a special purpose and is not vetted by the ESC (e.g. software used by a research lab, faculty software) unless the cost is greater than $N. If the cost is greater than $N, the software will be vetted by the ESC and may be considered as Enterprise Software.

Until final adoption by the university the above is only a part of the committee’s proposal.