UO CRM Initiative

Building lifetime connections with the University of Oregon starts early. Engagement with the university begins the moment a person becomes interested in enrolling, and continues through the student life cycle, extending beyond graduation when the university benefits from sustained alumni relationships.

The UO CRM Initiative is a strategy-driven effort that focuses on helping our constituents – potential and current students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, corporate partners, volunteers, and friends – engage effectively with the university. The UO will create processes for the university’s departments on one platform, enabling our administration, staff, and faculty to make informed decisions and provide personalized services to our valued constituents.

Our effort focuses on the excellent overall UO experience while strengthening the institution’s commitment to be a leading public research university, engaged globally, and connected to our graduates for a lifetime.

Through the adoption of a campus-wide CRM solution, the UO CRM Initiative brings together the processes related to recruitment, student success, and advancement into one platform. Though niche products have provided some functional benefits to respective offices, a centralized enterprise-wide CRM approach has strategic advantages:

  • Build and improved recruitment and retention process for our valued students
  • Allow the UO a view of our interactions with any constituent, each of whom will have a single, consolidated record
  • Enable our constituents consistency and greater ease of interacting with the UO
  • Ensure effective data management, academic success and communication by having centralized data that is current, accurate and secure
  • Improve decision making by providing enhanced reporting and data analytics
  • Improve planning and coordination of outreach efforts to avoid excessive messaging to constituents

CRM Stakeholders Meeting Notes, 4/23/18

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